I'm pretty sure that as 2007 ended, Electrelane's No Shouts No Calls had been played more often than any other record in my house or on my iPod. I'd been a fan of the band since their second record, The Power Out, and I found them exciting because I loved every release more than the previous one. I'm not usually one for more instrumentally based music (the bottom line is that I'm a lyrics geek) but I found Electrelane to be very interesting. I've seen more than one review in which their musical ability is called into question but it seems more rooted in the fact that they're all female. I can think of many all male bands who play music less challenging but never have their ability called into question! The point being - maybe some of the parts are simple but when you put all of the parts together for the complete song it is unique and engaging music. It's definitely about the song and not a guitarist wanking off or what have you.

No Shouts No Calls features lyrics about a relationship falling apart (and the heartbreak involved) which sounds like routine lyrical fodder but it wasn't for this band. A good amount of the songs on the first 3 albums were instrumental, when lyrics were involved they were sometimes sung in other languages, handled by choirs, and the lyrics used to be much more cerebral and less emotional. In a way, by making a traditional rock record the band made the biggest deviation of their career. Four albums in! Unfortunately, it appears that it could be their last since they announced the dreaded "indefinite hiatus" back in November.

Tambourine, ukulele, and trying to "catch up" to someone who is not in love with you anymore.
Cut And Run

This song is (to me) the saddest on the record. Filled with vivid imagery, visions of someone who isn't there anymore, and a great piano hook.

Verity Sussman is getting a lot of attention currently for Vera November with a single out via Too Pure's Singles Club. They are also putting out Ros Murray's Ray Rumours And The No-Eyed Deers project in February also as part of the singles club.


Quote Unquote said...

did i ever thank you for reminding me of electrelane? when i saw them by pure chance at irving plaza i though they were pretty excellent but forgot about the show. really it was after i got to listening to No Shouts that i was in love. This "indefinite hiatus" thing is kind of a bummer.

®™ said...

i am still gutted that i didn't go to that show! if i had only known that it would be their last...