Tiger Trap

Let's travel back in time to an era before the internet. A time when things like discovering new music wasn't a click away. I've been obsessed with music since I was 3 years old. Any early memory I have is associated with music somehow. Lucky for me, I was the last of 5 kids so I was exposed to A LOT of different types of music while growing up. My mom spoiled me with Motown. Not all of my siblings were so kind - a lot of Journey, Hall & Oates, disco, and Top 40 in the late 70s and early 80s. Within a few years my sister M would be a teen and into bands like Depeche Mode and The Smiths. Another year and it would be skate punk. We shared a room and I soaked it all in.

By the late 80s I had discovered the local college station, KDVS , from UC Davis. It blew my mind. Such strange music! Me and my friends liked metal - everything from pop metal/hair bands to speed metal and death metal. We also liked classic rock. However, the strange music I would hear late at night while insomnia kept me up was pulling me in. I remember buying The Pixies Doolittle when I was 13 and playing it for my metal friends. They looked at me very strangely and it was clear we were moving in different directions.

In 1993 I was all of 17 and very depressed. I was heavy into Joy Division. Then, one day I was reading the newspapers entertainment section and there was a write up on a local band called Tiger Trap. It sounded awesome! 4 young girls playing music (my #1 fantasy was to be in a band) and they lived in my city! Their record was released so I went to the local record store and picked it up. It blew my mind. I liked it even more than I thought I would. They were playing a show soon and I was determined to go. Gathered some friends up and went to my first punk show! Also on the bill? Cupid Car Club and Slant 6. Talk about a life changing experience! An entire world that I was on the periphery of through KDVS suddenly became mine. Independent music became my everything. If it had the K shield on it I figured it was worth buying. Kill Rock Stars quickly got onto my radar. So for the past (almost) 15 years I have lived and breathed independent music. I fulfilled my dream of being in a band, I was a dj on KDVS, and I can assure you that none of it would have even seemed possible to me if I hadn't heard Tiger Trap all those years ago.

These 2 songs are my very favorites of theirs. I'm a sucker for the verse, chorus, verse, chorus structure and the sweet sadness so You And Me is a given.
You And Me.mp3

Alien Space Song was released after the band broke up. It is from a split 7" with Henry's Dress on Slumberland Records. I found out about it when I was working at a local record store but it was already out of print. I was crushed! I somehow got in touch with Mike from Slumberland and I must have seemed really distraught because he found a copy of it somewhere in the Slumberland stacks for me. It remains a prized possession. This song sounds unlike anything else that was recorded by them and I think that it's a really great track.
Alien Space Song.mp3


Kenn V said...

that is an impressive bill for a first small club punk show. but what was your first concert experience? and what did your any friends you dragged along think of the TT, CCC, S6 show?

®™ said...

well, my very first concert was the beastie boys and run dmc on the together forever tour. it was 1987, i think, at cal expo in sacramento. i had eclectic taste!
my friends that went to the tt show with me loved it! they were all a bit older and into punk and stuff. i still felt pretty awesome for introducing them to tiger trap though!