The Bright Ideas

I moved to the east coast from Sacramento about 2 1/2 years ago but I cannot escape the music that comes out of that place. There is a group of people there that put shows on for no reason other than they love the bands. Venues there right now are practically non-existent. Every few years Davis and Sacramento seem to trade off on where the majority of shows are happening. Seems like Davis is stepping up right now with house shows. The city has been morphing and changing into something unrecognizable - generic outdated clubs that belong back in the 90s, ridiculously overpriced restaurants, a general "clean up" of the city to make it more "appealing" to wealthy white people. However, this little scene that exists there continues to thrive because people are passionate about music.

This band, The Bright Ideas, is/was (not sure what the official status is) led by Scott Miller. Scott has been in several bands including The Bananas and The Tiki Men (both bands as drummer) and he was the singer/guitarist for Nar, a much loved Sac band that Rose Melberg's Go Sailor covered. I believe he is currently in a band called The English Singles but perhaps I am wrong. He also ran Secret Center records for a good long while. These two songs are taken from a cd called Saturdays And The Turning Tide which you can buy from Tonevendor but they also have several 7"s available. The blurb on the tonevendor page says that the cd was inspired by Felt's The Pictorial Jackson Review and by The Television Personalities - I definitely think you can hear those influences so if you happen to like either band you will probably enjoy this!

Falling Down.mp3


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